It is a privilege that you use my software on your computer. Thank you.

Since taking ownership of Go!Zilla in 2008, I have worked very hard to ensure that Go!Zilla is a high-quality, useful product: one that I would want to use on my own computer if someone else had written it. I have also worked to ensure that Go!Zilla will not do anything 'sneaky' or 'hidden'.

Go!Zilla contains absolutely no extra advertising add-ons or advertising systems.
Go!Zilla contains no extra programs tagging along in its installer.
Go!Zilla will not send us any personal information about you or your computer without your knowledge.
Go!Zilla will not connect to our web site(s) without your control and a reason useful for you. (Checking for a newer version and searching for mirrors.), this web site, does not use 'cookies' to track you.

I hope you appreciate this respect for you and your privacy. In return, I ask for your respect and honesty. Advertising and the other things I'm not going to do are how many other software companies make their money. Refusing these ways, we will only make money if you buy Go!Zilla.I rely on and trust in you, the people who use my software, to do the right thing and purchase it.

--Michael Burford
Headlight Software, Inc.
Programmer of Go!Zilla

Headlight Software, Inc. is not responsible for any versions of Go!Zilla released prior to 2008.

If you are using any version of Go!Zilla numbered 4.20 or lower, please uninstall it and upgrade.

© Headlight Software, Inc.