Go!Zilla Tray Icon A picture is worth a thousand words!

These show the basics about how Go!Zilla looks and works.

Normally, Go!Zilla just is running down with your tray icons, waiting to take over any downloads when you click on them in your web browser.

You can right click that tray icon for a menu of choices, or double-click it to show the Download Manager window (shown below.) Go!Zilla Save/Open Window When you click a file to be downloaded in your web browser, Go!Zilla springs into action. It starts by asking what you want to do as shown in the image to the right. You can either Save the file to your computer, or just Open the file.

If you choose Open, it skips down to the Download Window in the section below.

If you choose Save, it shows the window below--where you can choose the folder for saving the file along with other options.

Go!Zilla Save File Window

After picking where to save the file (or clicking the Open button) the Download window shows. This window shows the status of the download such as how big the file is, how much Go!Zilla has downloaded, how much time is left, etc. You can easily Pause and Resume the download here--that Resume button switches to be Pause when the download is in working.

And using the Options button (which shows a menu of choices) you can do things like set the file to be run when the download finishes, show or hide the speed graph, and more.

Go!Zilla Download Window

On the Download Manager window, you can manage everything about your downloads and control many advanced features in Go!Zilla.
  • Resume any download you had paused.
  • Find the downloads you have finished--quickly see those you've finished Today, Yesterday, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop your downloads into any order you need--so more important files are done first!
  • Turn on "Automatic Mode" to get a big list of downloads, starting the next when one finishes.
  • Set Go!Zilla to shutdown the computer or hang up the modem when the downloads finish.
  • Schedule a time that the downloads should start (and/or stop.)
  • And much more--there are many other functions and features in the menus and toolbar.

Go!Zilla Download Manager Window

Go!Zilla Download Manager Window When a download has finished, Go!Zilla will show a simple tip window. Clicking the text or image will let you easily run the file. (If you clicked Open on the Save/Open window, the file will run automatically when it finishes downloading.)

You can click the little buttons in the lower right to open the folder where the file was downloaded and more. Right click the window (when it pops up on your computer, not this sample image!) and you can choose how it will be shown--disappear after a few seconds, or stay visible until you close it; solid or semi-transparent; etc. © Headlight Software, Inc.