Go!Zilla vs. GetRight®

Both GetRight and Go!Zilla are designed and programmed by Headlight software. There are many similarities between the programs. Neither one is 'better' than the other, they are just different, and each serves a slightly different need.

Generally Speaking:
GetRight is more advanced, and has more features.
Go!Zilla is smaller and simpler, but still has all the features that everyone except the most advanced and technical users would ever want.
Go!Zilla's default settings are a little more aggressive about accelerating downloads. However, GetRight can be configured to do nearly identical acceleration.
Go!Zilla is less expensive.

Here is a list of features available in each program. All the basic downloading features are in both. Go!Zilla has some advanced features, GetRight has a few more.

So, to sum things up:
If you are an advanced computer user, who downloads a lot of things, try GetRight.
If GetRight seems too complicated, try Go!Zilla.
If Go!Zilla doesn't do everything you want it to, try GetRight.

  Feature GetRight Go!Zilla

Resume Downloads Yes Yes
Browser Integration Yes Yes
Automatic Downloading Yes Yes
Automatic Search for Alternate Servers Yes Yes
FindFiles Support Yes Yes
Scheduled Downloading Yes Yes
Schedule automatic downloading files from Podcasts Yes No
Download History Yes Yes
Download Priority and ordering Yes Yes
Easy Organization by file type, category, etc. Yes Yes
Advanced Organization by file server, date, etc. Yes No
Speed Limit to reduce bandwidth for downloads Yes No
Auto Login for FTP and Basic HTTP Yes Yes
Auto Login for Web Forms Yes Yes
Supports Browser Cookies Yes Yes
Configure Maximum connections per server Yes No
Dial and Redial Modem Yes Yes
Turn off Computer when Done Yes Yes
Verify Links Yes Yes
Automatic Virus Scan when Download Finishes Yes Yes
Send Yourself an Email when Download Finishes Yes No
Hidden Download Windows Yes No
Keep a Log File of Downloads Yes No
Accelerate Downloads Without Mirrors 1-4 segments 1-10 segments
Accelerate Downloads With Mirrors 1-10 segments 1-10 segments
Server Searching, basic (Leeching) Yes Yes
Server Searching, advanced (Synchronization) Yes No
"GetRight Browser" Yes No
Daily Downloads--Download or synchronize with a server every day Yes No
Price with two years of upgrades.*Subject to change $29.95 $19.95

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