5.01; February 1, 2008
  • Fix the alignment of a couple menu items.
  • Fix wrong type being used by site grabber as the file type.
  • Use better Windows Explorer icons for unfinished downloads & torrents.
  • Added "Paste From Clipboard" button to enter code screen.
  • Added a note about "Friendly Mode" on the acceleration options.
  • Increased the default "Don't accelerate if less than X KB" to be 2000 (about 2MB.)
  • Brightened the tray-icon graphic a bit.
  • Add http:// or ftp:// if not there when typing in a URL.
  • Changed some trial messages and text things.
  • Changed some maximum widths for saving columns.
  • Changed the default graph color to be green to fit the color scheme.
  • Fixed the plugin for Firefox. (The steps here are still an even better way.)

5.0; January 25, 2008
  • We threw away everything from previous versions of Go!Zilla.
  • Go!Zilla is now powered by our GetRight® technology; and is similar to our own Lightning Download™.
  • As a nod to the old Go!Zilla, we used the background from the old "Drag-and-Drop" window as a starting point for the new one:
    Old:   New:

Go!Zilla had been around for a long time when we got it. Here's what we know about Go!Zilla's past. © Headlight Software, Inc.